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Healing a Broken Heart

Volume 2 – CD Album released in December 2013

The Music


Kerri’s Song (The Christmas Angel)

The Innocent One

Reach Out to Jesus

Unless the Lord Builds the House

Kerri’s Thankful Song

Don’t Cry Daddy

Daddy I Love You

Where Could I Go / Up Above My Head

Come, Holy Spirit

Greater Love

The story behind the music

Kerri’s Song

During my Divorce my oldest 3 year old Daughter said to me one day, “Daddy please don’t ever leave me – Promise me that you won’t ever leave me”. Then a few weeks later I went to her Pre-School Christmas Program, and whenever she saw me in the Audience from up on stage, she started Crying. I was so moved by these two incidents, that I went home that evening and wrote out the Lyrics for the Song

Innocent One

This song was inspired by my Youngest Daughter. It is about a Child Born to save a Marriage, and a Child Born, two Millenniums ago, to ‘Save the World’!

Greater Love

This was inspired by my visiting my Mother’s Grave Site, and going there and Crying about all of my Problems. And one day I literally stumbled over the Grave Stone of a WWII Soldier who had died at the age of 19, just a few weeks before WWII ended. And it made me realize that my problems were nothing; whenever I saw that this man had Died for our Country at age 19, and here I was almost twice his age. This song is based on the Bible Scripture, which says, “Greater Love Hath No One Than This, That He/She Lay His/Her Life Down for a Friend”.

The players

Thru a series of referrals, I was so Blessed to have worked with Melissa Tennille Boettner & her husband, Andy Boettner, formerly of “The Captain & Tennille”. Melissa wrote the Music and rearranged the Lyrics, and turned them into these Beautiful & Heartfelt Songs. With Andy Boettner’s Vocal Coaching & Training, then I was able to put these songs to music. And all of the other Players and Back-Up Singers, who assisted me on this Album, were all Professional Musicians and Singers in the Music Business including:

  • Don French – Producer.
  • Cheryl Wynn, Jeri Lynne, and The Crimson River Quartet – Background Singers.
  • Strings Instruments by Eric Brenton, and Saxophone by Billy Martin.
  • The Production Assistant Chuck Estes, who has since passed on to Heaven.
  • I was most fortunate to have Andy & Melissa Tennille Boettner also sing Background on several of the songs.
  • Song # 10 – “Greater Love”, was produced and sung by the very talented Producer and Singer -Michael North of N’ Rhythm Productions.
  • Song # 11 – “Kerri’s Thankful Song”, was produced by Michael North of N’ Rhythm Productions, and sung by Rose Lawson, Janine Maggiotto and Wade Ewing

I pray this CD album will gently touch and mend another broken heart. Thank you God for inspiring this album, and thank you mother for inspiring me with the melody of music. It wasn’t simply by chance that so many talented, caring people crossed my path and supported me through this project. I really believed in my Heavenly Father.

Thank You to all my family and friends for your loving support and care. Thank you Andy for believing in me and for your vocal training. My love to Melissa for writing such beautiful songs. Thank you Don for the Music…

Cheryl and Jeri for your angelic voices and the wonderful, talented Crimson River Quartet. And finally, thank you Clay Byrom and Todd Barkley for helping me start it all!